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Healthy Goodies with Chef Greg

Here at North Shore Day School, lunchtime is the most “delicious” part of our day! Our lunches are filled with hot fresh entrees, a cold salad and sandwich bar, and always topped off with a sweet treat to start our afternoon! While all of our food is scrumptious, fruits and veggies are our favorites! You can’t believe all the broccoli and carrots we eat, we are always asking for seconds! In the weeks to follow, we will taste delicious fruits and vegetables from all around the world, as we get ready for “Multicultural Day.” Keep an eye out for new and delicious recipes to try at home and new foods we are trying here at school! As we discover food from around the world, we might just discover our new favorite!

The children had a blast tasting different types of cheeses from the around the world. We sampled Danish fontina, New York cheddar, French brie, Holland gooda, Long Island fresh mozzarella, and jarlsberg. What a delightful treat this was for the children at lunch time. Hands down the favorite was LONG ISLAND MOZZARELLA (wink, wink)!Until next time!

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Keep it fresh and simple,
Chef Greg