Fun With Bubbles and Chalk!









On Wednesday, April 30th, we hosted Bubble and Chalk Day at North Shore Day School! The weather was a little yucky that day, and most morning activities were done in the classroom. Rain or shine – the day was a success!

Art is a favorite pastime here at North Shore, and we sure got to get messy with chalk! Classes were given giant cases of chalk in a rainbow of colors to draw and explore with. We used big black construction paper to draw pictures and write our names with chalk! When the weather cleared up in the afternoon, we went outside to draw pictures and doodle on the pavement – so much fun!

Each class was also given different bubble makers for teachers to demonstrate and for students to play with. From bubble makers that made multiple bubbles to bubble makers that made GIGANTIC bubbles – we had a blast! The kids watched in awe as bubbles floated high into the air, and as the bubbles started to fall they leaped around the room chasing after them, popping them with their hands. At the end of the day, we were all given our own bubbles to take home!

In an article in Early Childhood News, Angie Dorrell speaks about the benefits of exploring bubbles and even gives ideas for creative bubble projects to do at home! See the article HERE!!