NSDS Goes Green!

IMG_5340Hi my name is Miss Kathie and I am the science teacher at NSDS!  I would like to introduce a “new friend” to our Science program.  Our Aeroponic Tower Garden is here on loan for the remainder of this school year!

An Aeroponic Tower Garden is a vehicle growing system that can grow plants without soil.  The system uses light, water and nutrients (minerals) to grow plants indoors and outdoors in a small space.  This garden will allow our school to become part of an edible educational curriculum.

Our students will learn where plant food originates from and understand the benefits of healthy eating.  Here at North Shore Day School, we are encouraging our students to include nature in their lives and develop healthy eating and living behaviors.

NSDS will grow our own food from seed to plate in the coming months.  Our initial hands-on experience with the Tower Garden will be from seeding to salad.  Lettuces, kale, Swiss chard, nasturtiums, and other edible greens have been planted for the students to nurture.

Our curriculum will explore how the garden works, what plants require to grow and develop, and how quickly and differently plants grow.  Our students share in obeserving, nurturing, cultivating and harvesting their own vegetables. Perhaps this will even inspire them to enjoy their own delicious food!

As the Tower Garden can develop 30 percent faster than gardens raised in soil, by February 12th, we may have our own salad to taste!  Once we harvest our first crop, we hope to plant seeds for both fruits and vegetables to cultivate our little gardeners’ minds and bodies.  Please come and visit our Tower Garden in the Science room inside the mansion!